PICK & LINK is the gateway to human resource excellence AND accessing aspirational career opportunities.

We have created the Best place for Candidates and Employers to meet each other and exchange what they can offer.
At Pick & Link, we see Recruitment as a game changer for the Candidate and the Employer.
It decides the future for both.
So, why compromise on getting the best that you deserve?

For Candidates

Don’t have a CV?, Missed the vacancy advert?

For Employers

Get the best pick of the bunch...

How it works!

The speciality of PICK & LINK is; Applicants will have full control over who will see the full profile. No one will know the identity, until you want them to. Employers don’t have to read through any disqualifying CV’s. Filter out and pick the exact profile you need.

Candidate create the profile in ‘Pick & Link’

Employer can filter and shortlist the profiles

‘Pick & Link’ Send a notification to applicant requesting for permission to share the details

Employer purchase the profile

Employer and Applicant meet and finalize